Stalking Lions Oil Painting

Looking for something dramatic for your room? Could you use a lot of color and I mean a lot of color. Here is a great piece that represents a lion stalking its prey in the jungle. If you would like to inquire about this painting, email me and I will send you the contact information.



Tips For Buying Oil Paintings

painting-buyingPeople have different hobbies and two of these are collecting artwork and decorating their homes with paintings. Of course, it is not a secret that some paintings come in high prices. In fact, one may spend a lot of money to accumulate these things. But do you know that you can actually spend your money intelligently by following some great tips for buying paintings?
First, you must know who the artist is. Then, you must comprehend the essence of the art. Next, you must have the knowledge about who owned it last or where it came from. And lastly, you must judge if the price is fair. Let’s look at some tips more thoroughly in order for you to have a better idea on how to buy oil paintings wisely.

The Artist
You may know the background of the artist in two ways: by written or spoken information. Verbal information may come from the dealer, the artist or other collectors. You can also get these things from your friends or people who know the artist. Printed details may come in different ways including painter’s websites, online resources, and others. This data would help you know if you have spent your money efficiently because the more the artist is famous, then the more chances that his or her paintings are expensive.

The Essence of the Art
This second tip will allow you to scrutinize every part of the painting. You must look at its front, sides, back, edges, signatures dates, or any writing that can be found on it, any stickers or labels you find, frames, construction, and practically everything. A buyer like you should be aware if the art you are interested with is original.

History of the Art
This process is like investigating about the origin of the artwork- how did it come into being. A collector or a hobbyist must know the background of the art you are interested with for you to become knowledgeable about your collections. Thus, there is a need for you to do this because a masterpiece’s origin influences its collectability, appeal and value. The more precious the artwork is, then the more interesting it is.

The Price of the Art
Collecting art needs money, so one must make sure that what you are purchasing is with value and priced fairly. You should be meticulous about its price because sometimes it is overly expensive. If that is so, you are the one responsible to figure it out.

All these things may somehow seem a bit tiring at first, but actually it’s the opposite. Purchasing or collecting art cleverly is an escapade. Once you become aware about its processes, you’ll be enjoying it and find fulfillment in it. Hence, you will not only take pleasure in collecting art but be more aware about the how the world of art works. It is important for you to keep mind all of these simple but useful tips for this will be able to help you in finding the best pieces of artwork that will be perfect for decorating your home.

Interesting Piece

This is an interesting piece that I found. Tempted to buy it but it doesn’t quite fit the room I am shopping for. Shades of blue and green in this painting remind you of the calm waters of a relaxing oceanside vacation spot. Great piece for only around $2000. Email me if you want the contact information for the seller.

blue luster oil painting

Favorite Painting Of Mine

This is not a piece that is available, but it is one of my favorites. I am, as you can tell, a big fan of color. This is the type of oil painting that I find myself most drawn to. it is, for me, what makes oil painting so great. The ability to combine wonderful colors and textures to form a piece of art. Ahh, if I only had the skills to do it myself.

painting favorite


Welcome to the new blog, Buying Oil Paintings. The right painting will set off your room and complete it, but choosing that painting can be a difficult task. To help you with this task, I have created this website which will give you some examples of art work and will help you to choose the right piece.  I hope you enjoy it and will check back often.